Local counselling services

Disclaimer: The NHS does not formally recommend counselling organisations or therapists who are not organisational partners. When choosing a counselling organisation or therapist, we recommend you check that they are registered or accredited with a professional body (e.g. www.psychotherapy.org.uk or www.bacp.co.uk). Many voluntary sector organisations rely on the work of volunteer counsellors in the later stages of training. You should always be able to discuss any concerns you have with the service manager. We try to keep information up to date but let us know if something has changed.
Generic Counselling

Centre for Better Mental Health
Integrative counselling, open to all.
0208 985 3570
Length of sessions: up to 1 year
Referral: self
Fee: sliding scale, based on income.

Claremont Psychotherapy Service
Existential phenomenological approach, for adults (18+), but specialise in working with older adults (50 yrs +) 55yrs +.
0207 689 8091
Length of sessions: up to 1 year
Referral: self/health professional
Fee: Sliding scale, based on income.

Fleet Counselling
Open to all
0207 483 4482
Length: Up to 24 sessions.
Referral: self
Fee: sliding scale, based on income

Headstrong Counselling

Headstrong offers weekly therapy (including CBT, Psychodynamic therapy, and Integrative therapy) to individuals who experience mild to moderate mental health challenges. All therapists are in-training and are supervised by qualified therapists.


Referral: self

Fee: sliding scale £10-£25 per session.

Highbury Counselling Centre
Integrative / psychodynamic therapy, for anyone 18+ & living in London.
020 7354 4791
Length: up to 26 sessions offered.
Referral: self or by health professional.
Fee: Sliding scale, based on income.

The Stress Project
Offers holistic/humanistic counselling, CBT and integrative approaches for people experiencing stress related illnesses or mental health problems who live in the local community.
0207 700 3938
Length: up to 26 sessions.
Referral: health professional
Fee: sliding scale, based on income.

Mind Islington
Counselling & psychotherapy for 18+
0203 301 9850
Length: 20 sessions
Referral: self
Fee: sliding scale, based on income.



Post Adoption Centre (PAC)
Anyone involved in the adoption process e.g. individuals who have been adopted, birth parents, adoptive parents
0207 284 0555
Length: up to 6 sessions
Referral: self/ health professional
Fee: sliding scale, based on income.



Camden, City, Islington & Westminster Bereavement Service
Bereavement counselling for individuals, who live, work or are registered with a GP in Islington, Camden, Westminster or City of London.
0207 284 0090
Length: Either short-term for 12 weeks or long-term for 6 months. To be agreed during the assessment.
Referral: self via http://www.accept-consortium.org.uk/Referral
Fee: free, donations are welcome.

Caris Islington
Counselling to children and adults who live, work, attend a school or are registered with a GP in Islington. Will provide home visits to individuals living in Islington.
0207 281 5200
Length: Unlimited
Referral: self/ health professional
Fee: free

Childhood Bereavement Network
Grief counselling for children aged between 5-18.
020 8525 6000
Length: unknown
Referral: unknown
Fee: free

Claremont Psychotherapy Service, bereavement Service
Existential phenomenological approach for 18+ individuals
020 7837 3402
Length: once a week, unlimited.
Referral: self
Fee: sliding scale, based on income.

Grief Encounter
Bereavement counselling for children (or anyone with child involvement). E-counselling for 14+ who aren’t situated in local area. Helpline offers telephone advice, signposting and has contact with children’s workshop.
020 8371 8455
Length: unknown
Referral: self/ health professional
Fee: free for children, 30£ for adults.

Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service (JBCS)
Psychodynamic – Counselling can be in own home, in a venue across London or over the phone. Available for the Jewish community. Specialises in bereavement
0208 951 3881
Length: 50min p/w, varied number of sessions.
Referral: self
Fee: voluntary contribution.

SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity)
Support groups led by volunteer befrienders who have all experienced a neonatal death or stillbirth. All have been trained by SANDS. Groups meet once per month.
020 7436 5881
Length: unlimited
Referral: self
Fee: free

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide
Helpline or email support service, for anyone affected by bereavement by suicide (18+ only).
Length: unknown
Referral: self
Fee: free

The Compassionate Friends
Helpline for bereaved parents and their families.
0345 123 2304
Length: unknown
Referral: self
Fee: free

The Loss Foundation
Provides bereavement support following the loss of a loved one to cancer: support groups, therapy groups, Student groups, social events, weekend retreats, and how to support others.
Length: unknown
Referral: self
Fee: unknown

Black and Minority Ethnic Groups

Accept Consortium
Support for BME clients
0207 263 6947
Length: Either 6 or 12 sessions.
Referral: Self or professional
Fee: Free to Islington residents

Asian Family Counselling Service (AFCS)
All members of the South Asian community above the age of 16 years old. Will also see couples where one partner is Asian
0208 813 9714
Length: Unknown
Referral: Self or professional
Fee: unknown

Chinese Mental Health Association
People from the Chinese community and their carers
0207 613 1008
Length: Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes, typically once a week and is subject to a charge.
Referral: Self or professional
Fee: Varies, details on website

Kurdish, Turkish, Turkish Cypriot and Eastern European Turkish immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees
020 7613 5944
Length: 6-12 sessions
Referral: Self or Professional. Referral form on their website. Client must return the opt-in form in order to be placed on waiting list and offered therapy.
Fee: Free

Ethiopian Health Support Association
Ethiopian communities
0207 419 1972
Referral: Self or Professional
Length: unknown
Fee: Free

(icap) Immigrant Counselling and Psychotherapy
immigrant communities who have suffered trauma (particularly in childhood) which is affecting their adult lives.
0207 272 7906
Referral: Self referrals
Length: Unknown
Fee: Unknown

IMECE Women’s Centre
Turkish women who are refugees (18+)
0207 354 1359
Also have an over 55 women’s service.
Referral: Self or professional (referral form online)
Length: Varies (6-20)
Fee: Free

Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS)
Latin American Women
Counselling and Psychotherapy Service (ANAHI)
020 7336 0888
Referral: Call 02073249807 or 08442640682 or drop in session on Mondays
Length: unknown
Fee: unknown

Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre
BME groups
0207 263 6947
Referral: Self-referral or professional referrals
Referral forms online (no drop-in sessions)
Length: 6 or 12 sessions offered
Fee: Free to Islington residents

The Refugee Therapy Centre
Refugees, Asylum Seekers
0207 561 1587
Referral: Professional referrals and self-referrals. Self-referrals can be made by telephone call (Mon-Fri, 9am- 6pm; Wed, 11am-8pm)
Or fill in referral from online
Length: Varies
Fee: Free


Action for Blind People
For adults with sight loss and their family members in London
0207 391 2022
Referral: Self referral
Length: Varies
Fee: Free

Changing Faces
Changing Faces supports people who have any condition or injury that affects their appearance, anywhere in the UK
0300 012 0275
Referral: Self referral
Length: 6 sessions
Cost: Unknown

Sign Health – the Deaf Health Charity
BSL Healthy Minds
Therapy for Deaf people with depression, anxiety or similar disorders.
020 3947 2600
Referral: Self or via GP
Length: Unknown
Fee: BSL Healthy Minds website states that they will arrange funding via your GP. However, our understanding is that funding is in the discretion of the local CCG.

Domestic Violence

Everyman Project
Men, women and their partners struggling anger and violence issues
0207 263 8884
Referral: Self-referral or professional referral (via website or email)
Length: Varies
Fee: Varies ( Information on website)

Solace Women’s Aid
Women who have experienced sexual/domestic violence
Aged 14+, individual and group counselling.
0808 802 5565
Referral: Self or professional
Length: 16 sessions
Fee: Free

Drugs and Alcohol

Better lives
Substance Misuse problems (past or present)
Mainly class A drug users but will work with cannabis users
020 7561 3310
Referral: Self and health professional referral via drop-in or appointment
Length: 12 sessions
fee: Free

Alcohol Services for 18+
0207 833 9899
Referral: Self/Family member/Professionals
Drop in during drop in mornings (Mon-Fri 9:30am-1pm; Thurs: women only), or phone to make an appointment.
Length: 12 sessions
Cost: free

Fertility and Pregnancy

City Pregnancy Counselling and Psychotherapy
For men and women affected by issues of fertility, pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy, termination, traumatic delivery, postnatal depression and related issues
020 7638 5440
Referral: Self-referral via Drop-in (7am and 8pm, Monday to Friday), call or email

Waiting time: currently none (11.1.2021)

Length: Unknown
Fee: Free

Choices Islington
Women facing unplanned pregnancy or troubled by pregnancy or child loss issues (post abortion, adoption support)
0207 700 4475
Referral: Self-referrals / Professional-referrals
Length: Unknown
Fee: £80 (updated 11.1.2021)


Crisis Skylight London Centre
For those who are homeless, have been homeless in the last two years, or are at risk of becoming homeless.
0300 636 1967
Referral: Self. To access counselling (and all the other services), people need to attend the induction, that takes place every day at 11am. See website for more details.
Length: Unknown
Fee: Free

Physical Health conditions

Alzheimer’s Society Islington
Carer’s of people with dementia – speak to friendly experts on our Helpline, talk to others affected by dementia on our online forum, and get face-to-face support at one of our community-based services.
0207 561 4820
Referral: unknown
Length: unknown
Fee: unknown

Living Well CIC
People with HIV
020 31 373 373
Referral: Self or professional, can refer on-line
Length: 12
Fee: (Per session) £10 if Employed, £5 if not.

Offer talking therapies for free for people with HIV in Islington and Camden.
020 7183 7121
Referral: Self, On-line or call number
Length: 12
Fee: Free

Terrace Higgins Trust
Anyone affected by HIV
08088021221 (Mon-Fri 10am-8pm)
Referral: Self (Mon-Fri 10am-9pm)
Length: Unknown
Fee: Free

Cherry Lodge Cancer Care:
Anyone affected by cancer
020 8441 7000
Referral: Self – call Lorraine on 020 8441 7000
Length: unknown
Fee: Free, donations welcome

Post Natal Depression

Cocoon Family support
Mums and dads affected by post natal depression.
Referral: unknown
Length: unknown
Fee: unknown

Prisoners and Ex-Offenders

Women in prison
Women 18+ living in greater London (or due to be released to greater London) Borough.
0207 359 6674
Referral: Self or Agency
Number of sessions: unknown
fee: Unknown

Sexual Abuse

One in Four
People who have experience of sexual abuse or sexual/domestic violence as a child (not current) (18+)
020 8697 8022
referral: Self or professional
Length: Up to 2 years
Fee: – Groups – £20 per person per hour (10 weeks for 2 hours per session),Individuals – £25 to £50 per hour, Couples – £30 to £60 per hour. Fees are income related and there are some concessions for unemployed and students.

11.1.2021 Currently offering 30 minute telephone support for free with a trauma informed counsellor


Sexuality (Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Non Binary)


ELOP (East London Out Project)
Individuals or couples from the LGBT Community or those who are unsure of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Also heterosexual people who are dealing with an LGBT issue
Referral: Self-Referral
length: Individual counselling can receive 14, 28 or 42 sessions. Couples counselling offered up to 14 sessions.

London Friend
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or those unsure of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
0207 833 1674
Referral: Self or Professional
Length: 12 sessions
Fee: Varies, based on income

The Metro Centre
LGBT, LGBT and Substance misuse, LGBT and domestic violence
0208 305 5000
Referral: Unknown
Length: Varies
Fee: Varies

The Pink Practice
LGBT individuals, couples and families
0207 060 4000
Referral: unknown
Length: Varies
Fee: Sliding scale. Individuals £60- £110 per hour, couples £80- £120 per hour, telephone £70 per hour

Terrence Higgins Trust
Anyone affected by HIV
08088021221 (Mon-Fri 10am-8pm)
Referral: Self (Mon-Fri 10am-9pm)
Length: Unknown
Fee: Free online counselling. For face to face counselling: free assessment, sliding scale fee for further sessions.

Counselling for Transgender or non-binary people with a transgender counsellor.

0203 322 6923
Referral: Currently closed until end March 2021
Length: 12 sessions
Fee: Free

Women Only



Maya Centre
Women over 18 on benefit level income, living or working or have a significant connection to Islington (although check on referral as some spaces available to residents in North London)
020 7272 0995
Referral: Self or professional
Length: varies, up to 1 year
Fee: Free

West Hampstead Women’s Centre
Women who have been raped or sexually abused
020 73287 389
Referral: Self or Professional
Length: up to 9 sessions
fee: £5 per session

Women’s Trust Lighthouse West London
Women affected by domestic violence
0207 034 0303/0304
Referral: Self or professional
Length: Up to 18 weeks +


Young people

Alone in London, “ Mind Connect” counselling service
Young people aged between16-25, who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

020 7278 4224
Referral: Self or professional
Length: 6-12 sessions
Fee: Free

The Brandon Centre
Young people aged 12-21 and live in London

0207 267 4792
Referral: Self or professional
Length: up to 16 sessions
Fee: Free

Young people aged 21 years old and under
0207 387 78700

Referral: Self or professional
Length: up to 6 sessions
Fee: free


Children and young people up to the age of 19 years old.
0800 1111
Referral: Self
Length: Unlimited
Fee: Free

The Drum
Young people aged 16-21 years old and live in Islington

020 7336 0022
Referral: Self
Length: Varies
Fee: Free

Terrence Higgins Trust

Free counselling for young people aged 14-24 for any mental health difficulties they maybe experiencing including anxiety, depression, self-esteem, bullying, sexual pressures, discrimination, family/relationship issues, self-harm, exam pressures and more.


020 7812 1809

07537 432409 (text)


TYS Youth Counselling Service
Counselling service for young people aged 10-21, who live, study or work in Islington
020 7527 1300/1310
Referral: Contacting the Children’s Services Contact Team on csctreferrals@islington.gov.uk or on 0207 527 7400
length: varies
fee: small fee


Families/ Couples

Family Action
Vulnerable children and families – including domestic abuse, substance misuse and mental health issues
020 7254 6251
Referral: Self or professional
Length: unknown
Fee: unknown

Families First
Families who have a child between the ages of 5 and 19, who live in Islington or are temporarily housed in another borough
020 7527 4343
Referral: Only through involvement with their support service (self-referral or professional)
Length: Varies
Fee: free but donations welcome

Institute of Family Therapy
Couples, families and other relationship groups who are finding relationships problematic (any age)
0207 391 9150
Referral: Self or professional
Length: varies
Fee: sliding scale

The Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships
People with relationship problems
020 7380 1975
Referral: Self
Length: Varies
fee: Sliding scale approximately £2 for every £1000 of the couple’s annual income.