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The vicious circle of breathlessness and panic

Spiro Gaitatzis – iCope Camden psychological wellbeing practitioner (long-term conditions team)

There are a number of physical health conditions that can lead to symptoms of breathlessness. Being out of breath can be frightening and many people feel anxious about what is happening. The biggest problem with fear and anxiety is that these feelings make people feel MORE out of breath. Getting more out of breath can then make people feel MORE anxious and it becomes a vicious circle.
In this video, Spiro talks through this vicious circle of anxiety (panic) and breathlessness.


Coping with difficult thoughts and feelings

It can be important to learn techniques to cope with “emotional storms” as highlighted in this video below. Emotions can both directly and indirectly affect the experience of physical symptoms such as chronic pain, concentration and memory, fatigue, breathlessness, stomach discomfort. Here is a technique to help with managing emotions – creating time and space for emotions  may help to reduce the impact of these emotions on the body and physical symptoms:



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