Mindfulness-based therapy

Mindfulness therapies bring together the timeless traditions of mindfulness meditation with the science of modern psychology.  

Mindfulness practice helps you to:

  • live fully in the present, rather than being stuck in worry about the past or the future
  • be more aware of patterns of low mood and stress, and respond to them skilfully
  • choose your actions wisely and take care of yourself
  • learn to accept yourself and your feelings, however painful, as this can make you less likely to suffer from depression and stress in the future
  • find calmness and equanimity within life’s joys and difficulties
What courses are available?
  1. Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for Prevention of Relapse into Depression

A 9- week course suitable for people who have had previous episodes of depression and who are currently recovered from the last time when depression was profound and disabling.

  1. Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction for the Psychological Management of Pain and Chronic Illness, and Anxiety

An 8-week course suitable for people who suffer from chronic pain, have long-term health problems or have developed chronic anxiety and react strongly to different forms of stress. The practice of mindfulness helps us to lead more creative lives, even when we experience chronic stress, long-term pain or enduring illness.

How can I be referred?

If you would like to attend one of our mindfulness courses, request an appointment by clicking here stating that you are interested in this, or you can ask your GP or health professional to make a referral to our service.


Here are some comments from people who have attended our Mindfulness courses:

It has given me a bigger tool box for dealing with problems and worries. Being in a group with others, it helped me realize I am not alone to have problems.

A quite wonderful course, which offered real help and inspiration in not just coping with life but taking it to another level. Practical and sensible and realistic but also magical. I would of course recommend this to anyone.

The course has helped me to get through difficult emotional situations and feel better in the moment – I feel I have strategies for coping and new ways to view the world and my emotions.

I thought the course was very well thought out, and extremely well-run. I feel that I benefited enormously from the techniques I learned, and have continued to use them in my daily life as a way of coping with work-related stress. So I am very grateful to her and those who organised the course for a brilliant introduction to the principles, and hope to develop that learning further (as time permits!) Thank you.

I have found this course excellent. It has helped me a great deal and I am continuing with the practice at home. I would recommend this course to anyone (everyone). Mindfulness has added a new and positive dimension to my life.

A very thoughtfully structured course, taking me a step-by-step towards an extremely helpful meditation practice.   I feel much more calm as a result of the practice and coping with difficulty.   Excellent and clear.   Compassionate and stimulating teaching