Employment Support

Employment is an integral part of life for most of us, but unfortunately, many people experience some form of mental health issues in their lives at some point, that can have an impact on their work.

At Balance we provide an impartial, supportive and confidential approach to finding solutions that help find the right job for you. We want to prevent people suffering with issues such as stress and anxiety from leaving their existing jobs when they are both able and motivated to work.

Balance has a team of Employment Advisors who work in partnership with iCope offering integrated employment support to help individuals avoid long-term unemployment, together with promoting the link between being in work and achieving improved health outcomes. Our service offers clients a blend of face-to-face support, telephone and video conferencing.

If you would like to receive support from Balance please speak to your iCope clinician and request a referral to Balance. Alternatively, please email healthteam@balancesupport.org.uk if you require further information.


Debbie has been my rock over the last few months. She has completely calmed me, providing valuable advice, helping me to review alternative solutions and support.  Without her support, I am not sure I would have recovered enough to return to work. She is a huge credit to your organisation.

Aside from the obvious help with direction, I found the regular meetings great for my mental health and for keeping me accountable to myself.  It was great to have someone who understands the stress and mental health side of job searching.  Doreen was way beyond a job search consultant and helped me with my confidence.

Sylvia has helped me a lot in my recent time of need. She has given me confidence, knowledge and someone to turn to when it all gets too much. She has pointed me to other directions for me to get specialist help that I have needed. I can’t thank her enough for her time and help she has given me. She is a credit to your company as she knows so much about employment law and ways to help people such as myself that are suffering with mental health needs and bullying within the workplace.

Having regular conversations with Spencer has made a great difference to how I feel and think about what has happened to me at work, and how I think about going forward in my career.  Throughout the process I felt heard, understood, and I thought that my advisor genuinely cared for my wellbeing.  The conversations were always meaningful and intellectually stimulating.  I think Spencer is absolutely brilliant in what he does.

Debbie has been a very patient, empathetic and helpful person to talk to while going through a very difficult time. My conversations with her and the resources she has sent me have always made me feel like I have more direction than I did before. She has been very patient and understanding when I have not been able to achieve as much as I had hoped, and her consistent encouragement has been very valuable and reassuring to me. I am very grateful for her support.

Doreen was a perfect employment coach for me – she knew exactly how to support me considering my mental state at the time, this lifted me through some of my darkest times in the pandemic.  Doreen always said exactly what I needed to hear, I looked forward to every call I had with her. We really connected and she was both kind and encouraging, as well as professional.  Doreen, thank you for making an unforgettable impact! I would not hesitate to recommend Balance’s service.

Earlier this year, I was made redundant from my job and had no confidence that I would get another.  I was very depressed and was recommended to use Balance to help me find a job.  I was nervous when I started using Balance but within five minutes of us talking, I felt so calm and less stressed about it all.  Onwards four months and now I am about to start my new job just in time for Christmas.  Sylvia has helped me through these rough four months.  She has given me motivation as well as support from finding jobs to going through interview questions with me.  She has even gone that extra mile and called after an interview that I thought went badly.  She is a star, and I am so glad that I had her as my support, I don’t think I would be employed without her.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Spencer.  His advice and recommendations were always spot on and a great help.  During our appointments, Spencer could effortlessly create a safe and calm environment in which we could identify key areas to focus on and improve in.  His open minded, relaxed personality, combined with a gentle, yet motivating attitude are all such priceless qualities, not often seen in this day and age.  It was an absolute pleasure to have him as my advisor and it’s reassuring to know that anybody partnered with Spencer will surely gain the confidence and skills necessary, in their search for employment.