Silvercloud: A written testimony by a previous iCope service user

What were you initially hoping to get support for?

I was hoping to receive support for my anxiety and inability to handle stressful situations.


How did you feel about Silvercloud initially when it was offered as an option? Did you have any doubts?

I initially was quite dubious about its ability to help me as I felt so helpless with regards to my anxiety and the way it was making me feel. I was so scared as after reading online forums it felt like medication or having a therapist who I would need to regularly meet in person was all that could help me, if anything at all! So when Silvercloud was suggested I was doubtful it could be powerful enough to make a difference. I was proven totally wrong!


What did you find most helpful about the programme?

I really liked the relaxed nature of the programme, that I could dip in and out of it depending on how busy I was. I was also able to go back and revisit modules if I didn’t feel like I had a proper grasp of the content. Having support from a therapist is also wonderful for gaining reassurance on particular struggles!


Did you experience any difficulties in using the programme? How did you fit in in with day-to-day life?

Not at all, it was so simple and straightforward. I was able to complete more of a section certain weeks depending on my schedule and other weeks it was fine to not complete any of it all. It was totally flexible to me which was ideal!


What advice would you give to others who are thinking about using Silvercloud?

I used to Google ‘How can I cure myself of anxiety?’ and ‘When will anxiety no longer have full control of my life?’ and the answers online were always disappointing and actually made me feel so much worse about my anxiety issues. This course has genuinely (speaking as someone who doubted it at the start!) made an immeasurable difference to my everyday life. I struggled to get the tube, I avoided going on holidays, I didn’t like to travel far from home and I would regularly make myself ill with the symptoms of my anxiety. I now have a proper control of my thoughts and feelings and I am able to live my life normally again. Yes, not every day is perfect and I still feel anxious but I am able to control it as opposed to letting it ruin my whole day and cancel my plans. Also, understanding that anxiety cannot be ‘cured’ but instead managed is really important to understand as the moment you are not scared of the symptoms or feel anger and frustration towards the anxiety, I felt such a relief just being positive towards my mind and body and the reasons behind why I was feeling as I did.


Any other comments?

I couldn’t recommend this programme highly enough. It has made such a difference to my life, genuinely! It is worth investing the time in the programme as you are sure to see results.