Camden and Islington NHS foundation trust

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust provides a wide range of services for residents of Camden and Islington aged 18 and over who may benefit from a mental health intervention.

iCope is one of several services delivered by the Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust. iCope offers assessment and treatment to patients with symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. We would suggest that you consider referring to alternative services, within the Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust, if patients are:

  • Actively suicidal and in need of crisis services
  • Experiencing severe substance dependency
  • Already under the care of, or more appropriate for, secondary care mental health services
  • Experiencing symptoms of psychosis and/or bipolar disorder
  • Diagnosed with dementia

For further information on referring to the Camden and Islington Foundation Trust, please click here or if you wish to download a referral guide for GPs, please click here