Camden Psychological Therapies Partnership

The Camden branch of iCope forms part of a Camden Psychological Therapies Partnership. Together with Age UK, the Camden, City, Islington and Westminster Bereavement ServiceNafsiyatIeso and Women and Health the Camden Psychological Therapies Partnership is commissioned to provide a range of evidence-based therapy services for people registered with a Camden GP.



Age UK Camden

The Counselling, Psychotherapy & Group Therapy Services at Age UK Camden have been providing psychological therapy to older adults in Camden for nearly 22 years.  The services provide time-limited therapy to people 55 and over who are registered with a Camden GP practice.

Our therapists are familiar with the upheaval that life transitions, which are likely to happen to people 55 and over, can cause to our emotions and feelings, like changes in work and family situations, health issues, etc.

The services respect and support diversity in all aspects, including people of all ethnic and cultural groups and LGBT+. Therapy is also available to housebound people and those living with dementia in the early stages or presenting with memory issues.

The services are an organisational member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to their Code of Ethics and recommended good practice.

People can self-refer to Age UK directly or be referred by their GP or other organisations or professionals. To self-refer, email or phone 020 72390400. People can also be referred via iCope.

For further information, visit the Age UK Camden website here.

Women and Health

Women + Health is a community-based health centre that delivers affordable complementary therapies and counselling to women in Camden through a range of projects and services.

As a charity, their priority clients are those Camden women most disadvantaged and marginalised, though Women + Health recognise that many women live with stresses and strains that impact on their health, while often finding it hard to prioritise their own well-being. Women and Health’s core aim is to empower women to take responsibility for their own health.

To have counselling at Women + Health you need to be registered with a Camden GP and/or live in Camden.

W+H has over 35 counsellors, and over 20 complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners providing treatments in a range of therapies, such as acupuncture, osteopathy, homeopathy, massage, reflexology, Alexander Technique and shiatsu. There are also Travelling Therapies, classes, groups, courses, a crèche and outreach projects

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Nafsiyat is an intercultural therapy centre, committed to providing effective and accessible psychotherapy and counselling services to people from diverse religious, cultural and ethnic communities in London. Our team is made up of experienced, fully qualified psychotherapists and counsellors from diverse backgrounds who are sensitive to the particular therapeutic needs of cultural minority groups.

We provide short-term intercultural therapy in over 20 different languages, via referral, to individuals, groups, and couples. We also offer long-term, privately funded therapy via our Nafsiyat Choice service.

Alongside our clinical work, we also offer a range of training opportunities and we consider applications for placements trainee counsellors and therapists who are interested in gaining experience in intercultural therapy.

Nafsiyat is accredited as a member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

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The Camden, City, Islington and Westminster Bereavement Service

Founded as Camden Bereavement Service in 1969, today Camden, City, Islington and Westminster Bereavement Service is a registered charity, that relies on public support, and which exists to provide bereavement counselling help for any adult either living within or registered with a GP, in the boroughs of; Camden, Islington and the City of Westminster, or who live, work or are registered with a GP, within the City of London.

Counselling which can be either during the day or the evening, is provided by trained and supervised volunteer counsellors on a regular weekly basis.

People who use the service may have lost a baby in pregnancy, or have had to endure the death of a partner, child, lover, parent, relation, friend or colleague in many different circumstances. The deaths may have been caused by illness, accident, suicide, murder, war or natural causes. Very often people may experience a loss or life event that brings up old memories or feelings from earlier bereavements.

The service is confidential and open to anyone over the age of 18 within the catchment area specified, of any sexuality, ethnic origin, culture or religion. In particular it is committed to providing a service to people who are not used to help from counselling.

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Online CBT with Ieso Digital Health: Ieso delivers CBT in real time over the internet by a fully qualified therapist. Online CBT sessions follow the same format as traditional face-to-face therapy but take place in a secure online therapy room, allowing you to attend from anywhere you feel most comfortable. All you need is a device that can connect to the internet. To be eligible for this service you must be registered with a GP in Camden, and be aged 18 or over.

The service is confidential, discreet and easy to access, ideal for those who would prefer therapy without having to attend face-to-face sessions or need out-of-hours appointments. Appointments can be scheduled for any time of day, including evenings and weekends, to fit around work and other life commitments.

Online CBT can be used to treat a range of common mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, OCD, and phobias, and has been proven to deliver outcomes that are as effective as face-to-face therapy.

For more information about what to expect from Ieso, click on the following link for more information: