Who do we see?

  • Adults over 18 – we have no upper age limit
  • With depression, anxiety or other common mental health problems
  • With long term physical health conditions or medically unexplained symptoms
  • With insomnia
  • Who want to access time-limited, structured psychological interventions
  • Who have a Camden or Islington GP (or no GP but resident in Camden or Islington)


iCope is not the right service for people who:

  • Are actively suicidal or a risk to others
  • Have severe problems with alcohol or drug misuse
  • Are already the care of other specialist mental health services
  • Require secondary (specialist) mental health care involving a multi-disciplinary team approach. This includes people who will not engage with secondary care or are waiting to be seen
  • Where problems are related to a personality disorder or where there are significant interpersonal difficulties
  • Have had several unsuccessful attempts at treatment with iCope previously (a clinical discussion with the GP may be helpful in these situations)


Improving access

We aim to improve access to psychological therapy for people who may struggle to access our services. We do this by:

  • Offering services in a range of venues, including GP surgeries, health centres, community centres, and our team bases
  • We offer telephone or skype sessions
  • We offer a range of digital options: on-line CBT and computerised CBT programmes (available 24/7)
  • Our therapists speak a number of different languages
  • We offer sessions via an interpreter
  • Our self-help materials have been translated into a range of languages
  • We have specially written self-help materials for older adults

Please contact us if you would like copies of our translated or adapted materials.