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Welcome to the Kingston iCope Groups page

Please click HERE for a summary of the groups we run, and a short description of how they could benefit you or click one of the group boxes below for further information.
The groups are led by qualified clinicians and provide education and understanding of common mental health problems and different tools and techniques to cope with these experiences as well as lots of other tools to enhance your wellbeing.
Groups allow clients to learn more about their low mood or anxiety and have a safe space to share their experiences and to be heard and supported by the therapist and those in similar positions. Mental health can be quite isolating with possible feelings of shame and frustration towards yourself, groups can help elevate that feeling by acknowledging you are not alone and hearing how other people have experienced similar things.
There is no pressure to contribute in the group however participation is encouraged. CBT therapy is working with your thoughts, behaviours and feelings in the here and now, and learning how to cope in the present. Past experiences are acknowledged for how they shape how we see the world but sharing personal details is not necessary or asked of you.

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