Understanding Depression

The understanding Depression with CBT course is an 8-week course based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help people to learn ways of managing and moving forward from depression. The course aims to build a tool kit of strategies covering a range of topics, including understanding what is maintaining our symptoms, building in meaningful activities to improve mood and motivation, reducing procrastination, learning not to dwell on things, understanding unhelpful/self-critical thinking patterns and how we can rebalance these. The group setting provides the space to be with others who understand experience of symptoms of depression with the chance to learn from each other. 

The 8 sessions are delivered weekly over Zoom for 1 hour and 45 minutes, typically Thursdays 12:45pm – 2:30pm.

Course Content


  • Session 1: How depression works – Discovering the pattern
  • Session 2: Out of the TRAP and back on TRAC
  • Session 3: SMART goals and values 
  • Session 4: Recognising unhelpful thinking and rumination
  • Session 5: Problem solving – helpful techniques
  • Session 6: Breaking free from mood dependence
  • Session 7: Participant choice
  • Session 8: Getting more of the life you want – summary of learning, how to take things forward and prevent relapse 

What to expect from a group?

How many people will there be?

You can expect between 10-20 people to be there.  Everyone will be asked to follow the group rules and maintain confidentiality.  One of the benefits of being in a group is you realize that you are not alone with your difficulties and you can share experiences, if you want to.

Will I have to talk?

No, not if you don’t want to.  Some people feel more comfortable talking in the group and others less so.  You will never be put on the spot to contribute and you do not have to share personal information.  Most people start to feel comfortable enough to join in after a few sessions.

Do I need to attend every group session?

To get the most out of the course, we would recommend that you attend all the sessions.  The sessions are designed to follow-on from each other and to build on skills learnt in previous sessions.

What if I can no longer attend the group or I don't think it is helping?

Please let us know if you are unable to finish the group, or if you are not finding it helpful.  We can discuss other options for support.