Beyond Therapy

Moving forwards – your next steps after therapy

iCope offers a certain number of therapy session and as you get closer to being discharged it may lead to some difficult feelings.

Remember, you aren’t alone in this.

This is the beginning of the next stage of your journey—our mental wellbeing is like a muscle, we need to exercise it and look after it to maintain its strength.

We advise taking some time to reflect on the key things that you can take away from your appointments. This can help you to continue working towards personal goals and build on the progress you have made so far.


Hints and Tips from iCope staff and previous service users:

  • Note down what you’ve got out of the sessions so you can look at these a month later, or if you have a set back or bad day
  • Take time to practice things you felt helped. It’s easy for life to get in the way! Don’t be afraid to talk to others, speak out and ask questions
  • Continue to set goals and tackle them just as you may have in therapy