Our group treatment and courses include:

  • Understanding Depression
  • Stress Management Course
  • Living with Pain
  • Improving Self Esteem
  • Kingston University Understanding Wellbeing Course
  • Feeling Good Group
  • Type 2 Diabetes Group
  • Mums in Mind
Worried about attending a group?

People worry about joining therapy groups for different reasons but there are many reasons why attending a group can be equally if not more helpful than individual work. Here are some of the common concerns:

Will I be forced to talk in the group?

No one is forced to contribute to the group, however, you will be encouraged to share experiences of the group and homework tasks as those people who share in the group, tend to make more positive changes.

Is the research evidence for groups any good?

Existing research shows that group CBT is just as effective for a number of problems as individual CBT. There are additional reasons why group CBT can be particularly helpful, these include:

  • you and the therapist stick more closely to the treatment protocol and this is what’s been shown to work
  • people have told us that discovering that they are not alone with their problem is enormously encouraging
  • the support that people receive and give to each other in a group is very helpful
  • 10 minds (or however many) are better than 2
  • being in the group where everybody is involved in similar tasks helps people to work on their homework tasks and feedback from others is helpful

What if I feel judged?

Other people coming to the group will have similar issues and it can be helpful to speak to other people who feel like them. People will probably have different ways of dealing with difficulties and it can be helpful to learn from each other. Groups can give a real life way of working through problems in a supportive environment.

What about confidentiality?

At the start of each group you will spend some time working out ground rules with the other members to ensure that the group becomes a safe and respectful learning environment. Rules include respecting confidentiality by not discussing things from the group outside group-time with other people.


Here are some comments that people who have attended groups have made:

“It’s encouraging when other people are talking about their difficulties.”

“My problems are not unique. I’m not going mad. We understood each other”

“Spending time with a group of people experiencing similar difficulties has helped – in terms of putting things into perspective and not being the only one to think this way”

“Really good course. Was anxious about doing group therapy but found it really positive and very helpful. I feel this service is really beneficial.”

“When my doctor recommended group therapy I didn’t think it would help, but agreed anyway and it has been life changing. Now that I have the tools to solve worries and problems myself, everything that was worrying me before has been resolved + I am excited about the future.”