MIND in Kingston will be hosting the following online event….
Weathering the Storm
A free, online conference across two days featuring workshops, interactive sessions and talks for Self Care and Well-being. This event will take place across Saturday 7th – Sunday 8th November 2020 and is for adult community members of Black, Asian and/or Ethnic Minority heritage, aged 18 years and over.
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Covid-19 Wellbeing Management.
We have compiled a resource pack (which can be found here) to provide you with an update on the services provided by Kingston iCope, and contains a wealth of information on managing distress caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We’ve also included information on local and national services, as well as links to resources. Please be mindful that information was correct at time or writing, but this changes constantly.
We have also produced a  short video with some tips on how to cope during the Covid-19 pandemic from one of our Senior Psychological Therapists here at Kingston icope.